Western Red Cedar: The largest & finest of the cedars produced anywhere in the world

Western Red Cedar is famed for its extraordinary beauty, durability and resistance to decay. It grows to a height of 100 – 175 feet and a diameter of 3 – 8 feet.

Western Red Cedar is a distinct species, possessing virtually all the desirable qualities of the other cedars, with additional advantages. Its wood is exceptionally lightweight; one of the lightest of all available commercial species. It is very easily worked, and can be finished to a smooth silky surface with little effort. It is free from pitch, takes and holds stains exceptionally well, and has superior gluing qualities. Its coloring varies from the creamy white of the narrow sapwood to the straw-colored or dark, reddish brown of the heartwood.

  • Easily worked for a variety of exterior and interior applications

  • Dimensionally stable – does not shrink, swell, or warp

  • Saturated with a natural preservative oil that eliminates decay


The wood of Western Red Cedar has a very low coefficient of expansion so that it does not shrink, swell, or warp significantly, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature or moisture. Western Red Cedar is unique among all softwood species in that it is naturally dimensionally stable, having the ability to season well in position. Many builders prefer to cut, nail and fasten Western Red Cedar in the “green” or unseasoned condition, allowing it to air dry during construction.

It has prime insulating qualities, and a pleasing aromatic odor that is repellent to moths, insects, and vermin. Every fiber is saturated with a natural preservative oil that renders it virtually immune to decay and gives it extreme durability without artificial preservatives. It is not necessary to paint cedar to preserve its surface, as it does not deteriorate appreciably even under severe climate changes.


Rich colors ranging from straw hues to dark, reddish brown for both rustic and contemporary homes.

Western Red Cedar is particularly well suited for home building. It is unsurpassed for all exterior uses. The high heartwood content and even-grained texture lends itself to durability, workability and stability. Western Red Cedar is widely used for large size timbers both interior and exterior design in “Mission Style” and “Mountain Style” homes. It has incredible insulating qualities, making it ideal for sheathing, cladding/siding, which help keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Interior applications are desirable as well because of its beautiful grain, varied color, and smooth surface. It is free from pitch and whether it is left in its natural finish, stained, or painted, its natural beauty shines through.


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