Sitka Spruce: A beautiful silky sheen aesthetic for a unique modern design with furniture grade quality

Alaska Sitka Spruce has many characteristics that make it an excellent choice for a variety of building applications such as exterior soffit, interior paneling, ceiling decking, casework, and custom trim. It is extremely resilient and has a very high strength to weight ratio. It is easily worked and has little tendency to split or splinter. It is considered tight grained, and soft textured. It is also easy to kiln dry, and shrinks and swells moderately.

High strength-to-weight ratio with little tendency to split or splinter

Even grained and soft textured

Light silvery color blended with creamy white and honeycomb hues


Aesthetically, the heartwood of the Alaska Sitka Spruce is a very light silvery color, almost white, which blends gradually into a rich creamy sapwood. When planed, the surface of the wood has a beautifully silky sheen.


Unique and contemporary clear vertical grain soffit, ceiling decking, and paneling

Due to it’s tight grain and unique aesthetic, Alaska Sitka Spruce is well suited for paneling, which presents a stark contrast to other species commonly used in the United States. Alaska Sitka Spruce does not warp or twist before or after installation. In addition to paneling, Sitka makes great interior trim packages including doors and windows. Sitka Spruce is also used extensively as sounding boards, and sounding board ribs in the finest of pianos, guitars and other stringed instruments.