Western Red Cedar: Custom milled from the finest cedar logs available in the world today

Our Western Red Cedar beam & timber packages are custom sawn to order from the highest grade log sorts primarily out of British Columbia. These extraordinary logs produce beautiful beams and timbers with a consistent tight and straight grain. Our Western Red Cedar timbers are milled directly from the log, which offers the flexibility to produce the highest quality timbers with minimal waste. Arc Wood & Timbers has the ability to produce custom timber lengths up to 40 feet.

  • Custom milled to meet specific appearance grade and dimension requirements

  • Rich colors ranging from straw hues to dark, reddish brown for both rustic and contemporary homes

  • Clear appearance grade beams for a contemporary design up to 40 foot lengths


Western Red Cedar is particularly well suited for the high end residential building market. It is unsurpassed for all exterior uses. The high heartwood content and even-grained texture lends itself to durability, workability and stability. Western Red Cedar is widely used for large size timbers both interior and exterior design in “Spanish Mission Style” and “Mountain Style” homes. It has prime insulating qualities, and a pleasing aromatic odor that is repellent to moths, insects, and vermin. Every fiber is saturated with a natural preservative oil that renders it virtually immune to decay and gives it extreme durability without artificial preservatives. It is not necessary to paint cedar to preserve its surface, as it does not deteriorate appreciably even under severe climate changes.


Dense grain and low coefficient of expansion produces a dimensionally stable beam ideal for the Hawaiian or tropical markets

Depending on your taste, our custom beam packages can be milled to a contemporary clear appearance, which allows for minimal knots. Alternatively, we can produce timbers with more character that allow for select tight knots for the more rustic projects. The color of our Western Red Cedar beams range from light straw ambers to rich dark browns. Its warm coloring is complimented by a consistent fine-grained texture with a satin luster.