Alaska Hemlock: A unique light color with straight dense grain

Not to be mistaken for Western, Pacific Coast or Eastern Hemlock, the Alaska Hemlock (Hem-Fir) falls within a unique class of its own. Alaska Hemlock (only within southeast Alaska) has a dense, even growth ring pattern that averages 26 growth rings per inch with about 25% summer wood. The finished wood is odorless, tasteless, and non-resinous when dried. The mature Alaska Hemlock trees within southeast Alaska grow between 2 to 5 feet in diameter and up to 160 feet in height. It is a wood of remarkable versatility and usefulness.

The Alaska Hemlock is considered the companion tree to the popular Douglas Fir of the coastal region, whereby Alaska Hemlock shares many of Douglas Fir’s attributes while maintaining additional qualities which give it a unique distinction. Its applications range from large appearance grade structural timbers to exquisite interior finish casework for paneling, ceiling decking, doors, and cabinetry.

  • Perfect for paneling, ceiling decking, and casework

  • Distinguished by strength and workability

  • Beautiful off white color with faint reddish brown tones

The wood itself is fine textured, straight grained and stiff. It is free from pitch and resin and is distinguished by its strength and workability. In color it ranges from a uniquely beautiful off white to predominantly faint reddish brown. In the green condition, Alaska Hemlock has a relatively high moisture content, however it dries exceptionally well either by air seasoning or kiln drying, whereby it shows little tendency to check, warp or cup.


Commands a wide range of uses for both contemporary and rustic homes

Alaska Hemlock is beautiful. It’s unique light color, obvious tight grain and smooth texture makes it highly regarded for all types of construction. Alaska Hemlock nails firmly without splitting and saws easily. It is available in stress grades for structural uses governed by superior strength requirements.

Alaska Hemlock possesses the rare quality of increased hardness with age. This wood is receptive to paint, stain, wax, varnish, and other finishes. Paint flows easily onto siding, and adheres tenaciously. It is easily machined to a satin finish. Few other woods lend themselves so readily to the varied effects it is possible to achieve with Alaska Hemlock.

Alaska Hemlock commands a wide range of uses. Hemlock is also available for ceiling and paneling applications. And finally, it makes stunning shelving, furniture, cabinets, kitchen interiors, doors and millwork. It is available in either vertical or flat grain, and is used by high-end millwork plants, cabinetmakers, door and furniture factories.