Reclaimed White Oak imbues sophistication with distinctive character blended with rich, aged patina

Our Reclaimed Oak is sourced from vintage structures that produce a distinctive character with rich, aged patina that is unmatched relative to new wood. Common characteristics of reclaimed oak beams include seasoned checking, knots, oxidized nail holes, rafter notches, mortise pockets, and insect scaring. This material has aged over time to produce a unique blend of rich brown undertones with muted light tans. The trees that produce this material were harvested over 100 years, and were naturally seasoned over time to produce a sophisticated, yet aged product rooted deep within our American history.

  • Deep brown undertones with muted light tans

  • Superior strength and stability well suited for flooring, siding, paneling and beams

  • Rich with character – oxidized nail holes, checking, knots and insect scaring


Reborn from old world vintage structures rooted deep within our American history

Reclaimed oak offers the superior strength and stability of old growth wood, thus providing a variety of applications such as flooring, siding, paneling, and beams. Arc Wood & Timbers can produce a variety of reclaimed oak products with unique surfacing options such as original aged sawn, hewn, planed, resawn, and skip-planed.


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