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Sourcing and Product Options

Arc Wood & Timbers provides custom milled, unique specialty wood from salvaged, reclaimed and new sources out of North & South America. Our wood comes from old logs or vintage structures dating 100 – 700 years old. We specialize in distinctive, high quality material that is commonly used for exposed (appearance grade) structural beam & truss packages, large slabs, decorative post & timbers, wide plank flooring, contemporary and rustic siding, decking, soffit & fascia, box beams, casework and furniture.




The 1st option is material that is milled from ecologically friendly forest salvaged logs. This material comes from blow down or dead standing trees that Arc Wood & Timbers salvages from the forest floor. Working with the State of Alaska (Division of Forestry), Forest Service (USDA), and the Ministry of Forest in British Columbia, we receive the permits required to safely retrieve these timbers without damaging the natural landscape. We also salvage decommissioned bridge stringers and boomsticks that were once used by the logging outfits for the transportation of logs back in the early 1900’s. We create an inventory of salvaged logs that are custom milled into a variety of exposed wood elements for both exterior and interior applications.



The 2nd option with Arc Wood & Timbers is “reclaimed” wood sourced from vintage abandoned structures such as barns, warehouses, churches, factories and mills. We purchase these old structures and carefully dismantle them piece by piece. We further work with a network of “barn busters” throughout America that are involved in the reclamation of barns that allows us to enhance our reclaimed inventory of wood. From these historical buildings we accumulate an inventory of gorgeous hand hewn and original sawn woods that have aged naturally for a century or more. This material is refinished into beautiful flooring, siding, timbers, and furniture.



Each project managed by Arc Wood & Timbers is custom milled to order. Our portfolio of wood can be milled into any size, shape, grain orientation, profile or surface that is required. Arc Wood & Timbers can be your supplier for any dimension of specialty wood from 1×4’s to 20 x 30’s. We tailor our products to accommodate the most unique design specifications. Arc Wood & Timbers will ship to any location worldwide, which has allowed us to grow our customer base to home owners, builders and architects located in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin.

The people of Arc Wood & Timbers look forward to working with you.