Teak: Perfect Combination of Beauty and Strength…

The heartwood of FEQ (First European Quality) Teak holds a stunning golden-brown wood tone and grain. First European Quality (FEQ) teak is the highest grade available, known for its consistent grain patterns and stunning color. Teak is prized for its durability and natural preservative oils that make it a sough after material for exterior decking or interior flooring applications. Teak contains a naturally high level of oily resins known as tectoquinones, which give teak boards their famous ability to resist moisture, termites, acid and fungus. As a supplier of FEQ Teak, Arc Wood & Timbers can custom mill your Teak specifications for decking, flooring, paneling, trim or siding.

Available in both solid & engineered flooring

Durability and hardness makes it ideal for high traffic flooring areas

FEQ Teak contains no knots, cracks or sapwood


FEQ Teak is the highest grade available in the market, known for its consistent grain patterns and stunning color

The warm tones of Teak range from golden reddish hues to a time-tested golden brown, and the lumber’s tight grain patterns display the colors strikingly. Teak’s beauty ensures that it will be a great choice for any room of the house, complementing any decor and adding a touch of elegance to every area of the home.