This stuff doesn’t grow on trees anymore…

Sinker Cypress is an excellent option for interior paneling and ceiling decking as well as for exterior siding, soffit, trim, doors & windows. Sinker Cypress is incredibly stable and durable. The heartwood of Sinker Cypress contains an oil called Cypressene. The highest concentrations of Cypressene are found in the old growth Sinker Cypress logs. This oil creates a natural preservative within the heartwood making Sinker Cypress one of the most rot resistant and insect resistant woods found anywhere in the world. The grain of old growth Sinker Cypress is very dense. It is common to find Sinker Cypress logs that have 40 – 50 growth rings per inch creating a density of grain that is extremely tight. Many of these old growth trees were 1000 – 1800 years old before they were harvested. This old growth grain not only creates an unparalleled stability in the wood, but it also produces an appearance in the finished lumber that is one of a kind. The clear “Select” grade of Sinker Cypress paneling is ideal for contemporary modern home designs. The #1 or #2 Common grades which allow for more character such as knots or light peck, are suitable for the more rustic or “mountain” style home.

Paneling reveals stunning deep rich colors from a golden honeycomb gold to a dark olive green hues from aging underwater for the past century

Clear Vertical Grain “select” grade paneling is ideal for contemporary modern home interiors & exteriors

One of the most rot resistant and insect resistant woods found anywhere in the world.


There is also a unique grade of Sinker Cypress paneling called Pecky Cypress which is caused by a fungus while the tree is still alive. This rare fungus takes on the role of an artisan sculptor that produces narrow oval shaped carvings or pocket recesses within the growth rings of tree while it is growing. When these Pecky Cypress logs are milled, the pecky lumber produced has a natural distressed look created by the peck within the wood fiber. The fungus completely disappears once the trees are harvested leaving behind only its life’s work sculpted into the wood. Pecky Cypress produces beautiful paneling and ceiling decking for interior finishes where a rustic look is desired.


Pecky Cypress paneling produces a character rich aesthetic for home interiors

We are continually surprised and captivated by the beauty of this wood and how nature takes its course to preserve and enhance the character and color of Sinker Cypress over time. With every log that we split open, we never know exactly what we are going to find inside as far as grain & color. It’s like unwrapping a present not knowing what you are going to find inside. We find more often than not that our clients choose to finish their Sinker Cypress material with a clear stain or sealer to simply enhance the natural colors of the material. We hope you love Sinker Cypress as much as we do.