Barn: Old growth wood , aged over time and seasoned for a new beginning

Reclaimed Barn Wood is sourced from a variety of vintage structures containing old growth siding planks that have aged over time to produce a weathered, character rich surface that can be utilized for both rustic and contemporary design. Common applications for Barn Siding include siding, paneling, flooring, and a variety of accent pieces. Species include both hardwood and softwood, and a variety of colors such as grey, brown, and faded red. Both species and color can me sorted to accommodate your design.

A combination of color and species

Softwoods & Hardwoods

Brown, grey, or faded red


Sourced from vintage barns to produce a weathered face, rich in character for both rustic and contemporary design

Our barn board planks are sourced from carefully dismantled barns throughout our rural landscape in North America. Each board is hand selected, culled, de-metaled, and power washed to produce a timeless artifact that is rich in patina, texture, and character. Each plank produces a unique texture that can be hand selected for your palate.


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