Western Red Cedar: The largest & finest of the cedars produced anywhere in the world

Our Western Red Cedar (“WRC”) siding and paneling packages are custom milled from high grade log sorts that can produce a consistent beauty within a variety of products, dimensions and grades that map into the unique aesthetic of your home. Our WRC products are milled directly from the log, which provides the flexibility to produce the highest quality, tight grained products with minimal waist.

Easily worked for a variety of exterior and interior applications

Dimensionally stable – does not shrink, swell, or warp

Saturated with a natural preservative oil that eliminates decay

Clear vertical grain product with unmatched quality


Rich colors ranging from straw hues to dark, reddish brown for both rustic and contemporary homes.

WRC fiber is saturated with natural preservative oil that render it virtually immune to decay and gives it extreme durability without artificial preservatives, therefore producing a product that is perfectly suited for a variety of exterior and interior applications. Arc Wood & Timbers can produce the finest clear vertical grain stock in the world that can be custom milled to virtually any dimension and profile.