Bald Cypress: Icon of the Southern swamp lands…

Bald Cypress, the icon of the Southern swamp lands, and the state tree of Louisiana, has become one of our beloved, staple products. Also called Swamp Cypress, Gulf Cypress, Southern Cypress, Red Cypress or Yellow Cypress, Bald Cypress hales from the Southeastern region of the United States, ranging from the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina all the way to Eastern Texas, concentrated within the coastal and swamp regions.


The scientific name is Taxodium distichum, classified under the Cupressaceae family of deciduous conifers, or decay resistant woods. This makes it a durable wood, stable against water damage and rot damage. They are long-lived and slow-growing trees. This allows for the trees to grow up to 80-120 feet tall and up to 3-5 feet wide, making for larger logs to use for milling purposes. On average, their growth stops around 200 years, but some can take up to 1,000 years to finish growing. While it may feel like and look like a hardwood, technically it is a softwood. Like most hardwood trees, the foliage falls in the Autumn, therefore Cypress gets grouped in that category for manufacturing. Because of this distinction from other softwoods, Bald Cypress is sought after for its durability and decay-resistance. This makes it a great wood for both interior and exteriors use. Applications for this species include siding, paneling, ceiling decking, fencing and more.

  • Stable softwood, resistant to decay, makes for great interior and exterior applications

  • Clear Mixed Grain “select” grade material is ideal for contemporary modern home interiors & exteriors

  • Unique, cathedral grain produces a distinctive aesthetic for finished carpentry

The color and texture of the wood is great for accepting stains and other finishes. The grain is straight with a medium to coarse texture. Our Select Clear grade has minimal defects or knots, and shows off the beautiful natural color and unique, cathedral grain. If left unfinished for exterior applications, Cypress will weather to a beautiful grey patina. Bald Cypress has a light-yellow to pale-brown to slight-reddish hue, with a distinctive grain pattern. The natural Cypressene oils, which feels slightly greasy or waxy, help to increase the resistance to rot and decay. Bald Cypress rates as moderately hard, strong and stable, with a straight, tight grain. Cypress has a distinctive odor that is earthy, similar to the smell of Cedar.


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