Reclaimed Douglas Fir: Refurbished from our northwestern rural and commercial landscape

Douglas Fir is the most common softwood utilized in North American construction. From the coastal region of Oregon, Washington, and the interior of British Colombia, this species is one of the strongest of all North American softwoods. The wood of Douglas Fir is straight grained, tough, resilient and moderately hard. It is relatively easy to season, in the open or by kiln drying, and shows little tendency to check, warp or cup. Douglas Fir is unique among all softwood species in that it is naturally dimensionally stable, having the ability to season well in position.

At Arc Wood & Timbers, we recognize the value of old growth wood that is utilized throughout our agricultural and industrial timber frame structures, such as grain elevators, barns, and commercial manufacturing buildings. We identify and acquire structures that are often of limited utility, and perhaps a potential liability to their owners, then carefully dismantle them piece-by-piece as we bring old-growth fir back to life as big timber frame packages, ceiling decking, paneling, and flooring that distinguish it’s rich, old world patina, tight grain, and unique structural integrity.

  • Rich, old world patina

  • Distinguished character

  • Unique structural integrity


Arc Wood & Timbers works with an intricate team of deconstruction subcontractors and barn busters to procure and refurbish the highest quality of old growth doug fir throughout the northwestern rural and commercial landscape. Each beam is carefully culled, surface de-metaled, power washed, and refined to produce a timeless artifact that is rich in patina, texture, and character. Common characteristics include seasoned checking, oxidized nail holes, bolt holes, tight grain and sounds knots.


The strongest of all North American softwoods

This species excels for interior woodwork as well. It is beautifully figured, easily finished and has a subtle wearing surface that can be stained or clear coated; it retains an excellent paint finish. Vertical grain Douglas Fir offers an attractive appearance for interior floors, ceiling decking, and paneling.


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