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Arc Wood & Timbers provides reclaimed and premium woods to the high-end, custom residential building market. We offer a wide variety of products milled from reclaimed vintage structures, salvaged logs and sustainably harvested trees. Our extensive background and experience with antique and contemporary woods enables us to provide expertise and guidance throughout the life cycle of our clients' projects.

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Flowers Winery

A beautiful, Sonoma County winery, displays our Bald Cypress paneling and ceiling decking throughout. The custom finish makes the wood grain stand out, creating a modern, streamlined look.

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Refurbished beams from our northwestern rural and commercial landscape. These premium beams are distinguished by its rich, old world patina, tight grain, and structural integrity.

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The Ridge Retreat

A dramatic mountain site high above the Napa Valley, with the highest quality of durability, size, sustainability, and aesthetic. Skilled craftsmanship showcasing a variety of premium woods including reclaimed Douglas Fir that wraps the interior and exterior envelope.

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  Rare and hard-to-get wood is our specialty
  We built our business on customer service
  Emphasize sustainability without sacrificing product quality
  Project management from pre-design through construction
  Dedicated resources for clients

  Long standing integrated supply chain of only the best artisans in the industry
  Always adapting to meet our clients’ needs
  Focus on privacy and discretion
  We love what we do!